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CVF Chair Ghana intervention at the HoD cover decision meeting 17 Nov

CVF Chair Ghana intervention at the HoD cover decision meeting

17 November 2022

Thank you for giving me the floor

We thank the presidency for putting this summery together

We would like to iron out few details in the cover decision

On adaptation

  • We Support the African group proposal on a standalone Implementation Plan on the doubling of adaptation finance by 2025. And such plan should commence from COP 28.
  • On adaptation implementation we would like to see reference to paragraph 46 1/cp 21 fully reflected in the cover decision

On loss and damage

  • The main thing missing from cover decision is a clear commitment for financial support for loss and damage for the most vulnerable, and a facility to deliver it.
  • Since COP21 in Paris far too much inaction on climate has prevailed and the climate crisis has proven to be far worse than expected.
  • We are perishing on the frontlines of this planet on fire and we appeal to the international community gathered at Sharm el Sheikh to respond. If the text is not corrected, COP27 will fail the world’s most vulnerable. The international community will have failed us.
  • A clear commitment to provide loss and damage funding to the most vulnerable. Mechanisms to deliver the commitment – a “mosaic” – Financing Facility, the existing Financial Mechanisms (i.e. GEF etc.), and other initiatives.
  • We welcome the language on MDB & Debt language
  • We would also like to see at this COP for a commission of an IPCC Special Report on Loss & Damage

On mitigation

  • We welcome the G 20 outcome to align with 1.5 thus we need to see a Stronger signals that major emitting countries act to align their 2030 NDC emissions targets with 1.5ºC this and next year (2022-2023) in order to keep 1.5C alive.
  • We like to see mitigation work program delivering substantive outcomes of increasing NDC ambition for implementation and not platform for only lesson and exchanging experience.

And now, speaking in our national capacity only:

  • As this is an African COP, we want to see the special circumstances of Africa reflected in the cover decision.
  • We also want to see a stronger figuring of the importance of forests and REDD+ in the cover decision.

I thank you.