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COP26 CVF Leaders’ Dialogue Statement by H.E. Bruce Bilimon, Hon. Health Minister of the Republic of the Marshall Islands

Climate Vulnerable Forum Leaders Dialogue COP26

4:15 – 6:15 pm 2 November 2021 – UNFCCC COP26, Glasgow, Scotland

Intervention of H.E. Bruce Bilimon

Hon. Health Minister of the Republic of the Marshall Islands

Thank you, your Excellency and honorable colleagues. 

I’m very honored to be here this evening with you. With each passing COP, the situation of our countries becomes more precarious and with this passing COP we get closer to the 1.5 Celsius threshold at which our future becomes more uncertain and very un-hospitable as we look forward to it. We therefore must ensure that COP26 is a landmark success and that the CVF Dhaka-Glasgow Declaration helps to lead us in that very optimistic and positive direction. The Climate Emergency Pact proposed in that declaration underscores the need for urgent and collective action and so we call for the support of the world’s major emitters and the T20 to align their NDCs. For our collective good, they must continue to review and pollster their NDCs annually. Vulnerable countries like ours must continue to demonstrate the moral leadership that is required for our survival but we cannot do it alone. For the survival of our planet we also need to see more active leadership in order for all of us to succeed in this fight against climate change. We need these same countries to step up climate financing commitments. A 50/50 split is very critical for us. High ambition can and must be delivered right here right now at COP26 here at Glasgow. 

I thank you.

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