The Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) Senior Officials Meeting (SOM)

The Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) aims to identify and promote headline climate change policy priorities for vulnerable developing countries of the region ahead of critical multilateral global policy events in 2021. The event, hosted by Bangladesh, will be held in hybrid format from 18-19 October.

The dialogue, which is informed by outcomes of four CVF Regional Dialogues in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Middle East, Pacific, and Asia, is intended to serve as a preparatory activity for the next CVF High Level (Ministerial) Meeting that will be convened in Glasgow during UNFCCC COP26.

  • Main purpose: Consolidate the outcomes of the four CVF Regional Dialogues and develop the “Dhaka-Glasgow Declaration” of the CVF for the consideration of the CVF’s High Level Meeting at COP26
  • Participation: CVF member states and representatives of observer states petitioning for membership in 2021; select observers/partners
  • Level: Senior officials with troika ministerial opening
  • Format: 2-day structured virtual consultation and roundtable, with high-level opening and closing
  • Outcome: Dhaka Communique of the CVF, highlighting key priorities for COP26 and in other focus domains

Participants in the Senior Officials Meeting

The SOM will bring together CVF members and observers from all regions to update its collective agenda, communicate shared priorities, network with other members and partners, and take decisions on a range of items of Forum business. The participants will include:

  • Ministers and Senior Officials from Ministries from CVF Member States
  • Senior officials responsible for climate change multilateral cooperation and/or policy implementation (inclusive of adaptation and mitigation) from members and other observer developing countries from across the region
  • UNFCCC national focal point institutions of the member countries of the CVF with valid conference badges for UNFCCC COP26
  • Members/representatives of the CVF Expert Advisory Group and CVF-secretariat appointed Regional Advisors with valid conference badges for UNFCCC COP26
  • Further resource representatives (i.e., of academia, private sector, NGOs and other civil society groups) per agenda needs, based in the region

The development of the SOM Dhaka-Glasgow Declaration of the CVF will follow a three-step process:

  1. Participating experts’ respond to a questionnaire feeding into a draft Dhaka-Glasgow Declaration
  2. Feedback of national perspectives into the draft Dhaka-Glasgow Declaration during the experts’ meeting and finessing the text during pre-high-level segment
  3. Consideration/adoption of a final Dhaka-Glasgow Declaration text by the region’s ministers during the ministerial segment

To access the different meetings please use the following links:

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