Regional Meeting for Asia

Regional Meeting Hosted by Philippines in Manila for Asia

Special focus on: Climate Vulnerability 

Manila – 20-21 May 2015


CVF Regional Workshop, April 2014, San Jose, Costa Rica; Source: Foreign Ministry of Costa Rica

The Hon. Vice Chairperson of the Climate Change Commission of the Office of the President of the Philippines, H.E. Secretary Lucille Sering, formally closing the Asia CVF regional in Manila; Source: CVF

    • The most significant challenges faced in the implementation of climate action (whether programmatic, geographic, governance, finance, technology or in other respects), inclusive of adaptation and mitigation
    • Projects, programmes or aspects of climate policy that have met with the most success at national or regional levels – knowledge that other countries within and beyond the region could benefit from
    • Chief needs and priorities for achieving further progress and the advancement of the response to climate change on the ground (adaptation and mitigation), including a discrete set of policy recommendations for enhanced climate action targeting national, regional and global progress











Papua New Guinea


Opening Statement:  Country Director of the United Nations Development Programme Mr. Titon Mitra – download English (0.2mb, pdf)

Topic: Climate Finance – download English (2.4mb, pdf)
Presenter: Helena Gaddi, Climate Change Office, Climate Change Commission, Philippines

Topic: UNDP Support on Climate Change:  Afghanistan – download English (1.2mb, pdf)
Presenter: Atiullah Eshanzada, Climate change division National Environment Protection Agency, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Topic: Policy and Strategy Response Climate Change in Cambodia – download English (1mb, pdf)
Presenter: M.A. Chan Sethea, Deputy Director of Climate Change Department, Ministry of Environment, Kingdom of Cambodia.

Topic: Maldives Policy Innovations & Climate Change Challenges – download English (1.6mb, pdf)
Presenter: Moosa Zeeban Saeed, Assistant Director of Climate Change Department, Ministry of Environment and Energy

Topic: Mongolia: Policy frameworks, strategy development, governance issues in respond to climate change related risks – download English (large file: 7.7mb, pdf)
Presenter: Zamba Batjargal, Environmental Information Center, MEGDT Mongolia

Topic: Myanmar Climate Vulnerabilities and Programmes & Measures to Climate Change – download English (1.9mb, pdf)
Presenter: Aung Kyaw Soe, Dry Zone Greening Department, Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry, Myanmar

Topic: Pakistan’s Climate Change Vulnerability & Remedial Policy Measures – download English (1.4mb, pdf)
Presenter: Muhammad Azim, Deputy Director, Ministry of Climate Change, Government of Pakistan

Topic: Philippines Policy Innovations and Challenges in Response to Climate Risks – download English (1.7mb, pdf)
Presenter: Asec. Joyceline Goco, Climate Change Commission, Philippines

Topic: Policy and Strategy Response Climate Change in Papua New Guinea – download English (0.8mb, pdf)
Presenter: Ms. Luanne Losi, Office of Climate Change and Development, Papua New Guinea

Topic: Climate Change in Tajikistan – download English (1.3mb, pdf)
Presenter: Mr. Zafar Makhmudov, Climate Specialist, Climate Change Center – State Administration for Hydrometeorology

Topic: Timor-Leste NAPA Implementation – download English (0.1mb, pdf)
Presenter: Marcal Gusmao, Centre for Climate Change and Biodiversity and Lecturer, Faculty of Agriculture, National University of East Timor

Topic: Policy Innovations and Challenges in Response to Climate Risks in Vietnam – download English (1mb, pdf)
Presenter: Le Minh NHAT Ph.D, Director, Climate Change Adaptation Division – DMHCC, Vietnam

Topic: Vietnam Climate Change Financial Management- download English (1.7mb, pdf)
Presenter: Le Minh NHAT Ph.D, Director, Climate Change Adaptation Division – DMHCC, Vietnam

Topic: Key Findings of the IPCC AR5 – download English (1.7mb, pdf)
Presenter: Rodel D. Lasco, Science for Climate Resilient Communities

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