CVF LAC Regional Dialogue

The CVF Presidency and Secretariat will hold the CVF LAC Regional Dialogue the 23th & 24th of June 8:00 h – 12:15 h GMT-6 (Senior Officials Meeting) and 24th of June 2021 14:00 h – 15:50 h GMT-6 (Ministerial Meeting).


The CVF member countries’ urgent need to identify and promote headline climate change policy priorities for vulnerable developing countries is addressed by this Regional Dialogue. Its goal is to identify and promote the region’s most pressing climate change policy priorities for vulnerable developing countries. It outlines the Climate Vulnerable Forum’s (CVF) planned regional activities for 2021, with the goal of shaping collective inputs for 48 CVF members. It also allows participating countries to benefit from specific regional activities and develop a joint position to be presented at COP26 as the Dhaka-Glasgow CVF Declaration, which will be adopted by the COP26 High-Level Meeting.

The Dialogue allows countries to discuss regional policy priorities outside of formal negotiation channels, as well as for other stakeholders to participate in these discussions. It will place a special emphasis on the implications of climate change for stability and security, as well as complex transnational dynamics. The outcomes of the Regional Dialogue will be used in the global discussions of the CVF.

We’ve also teamed up with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) to put on a half-day training session for senior officials at the regional Dialogues, which will be on the 24 of June 2021 (8:00 h – 12:15 h GMT-6).

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