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17 May 2017 – Climate Vulnerable Forum : Drive for greater climate action
Download the Press Release (Pdf)
Statement from the CVF at 2017 UNFCCC meeting in Bonn is available here.
Photos of the event (Flickr)
7 March 2017 – V20: Asia-Pacific Vulnerable Countries to Invest in Climate Action
Download the Press Release (Pdf, 0.3mb)
Senator Loren Legarda’s opening address available here (external link).
18 November 2016 – Climate Vulnerable Forum Commit to Stronger Climate Action at COP22
Download the Press Release (Pdf, 0.1mb)
Statements from the CVF 2016 Forum at UNFCCC COP22 are available here.
Download the Marrakech Communique (Pdf, 0.1mb)
Download the Marrakech Vision (Pdf, 0.1mb)
16 November 2016 – UN Report: 1.5 Degree Limit to Improve Growth, Jobs and Safety
Download the Press Release (English, Pdf, 0.4mb)
Download the Fact Sheet (English, Pdf, 0.4mb)
06 October 2016 – V20 3rd Ministerial Dialogue at the Annual World Bank and IMF Fall meetings
Download the Press Release (English, Pdf, 0.2mb)
CVF Climate Leadership Events
15 August 2016 – Philippines and Ethiopia Lead Global Climate Coalition to Speed Development
Download the Media Advisory (English, Pdf, 0.3mb)
Download the Press Release (English, Pdf, 0.2mb)
Download the Press Release (English, Doc, 1.8mb)
Download the Press Release: Legarda Urges Vulnerable Nations Take Climate Action Ahead of Paris Agreement Enforcement (English, Pdf, 0.1mb)
Ethiopia becomes the first African country to be president of the Climate Vulnerable Forum
Download the opening remarks of Senator Loren Legarda (Pdf, English, 0.2mb)
Download the welcome remarks of Secretary Emmanuel M. De Guzman (Pdf, English, 0.2mb)
Download the statement of H.E Dr. Shiferaw Teklemariam Menbacho, Minister of Environment, Forestry and Climate Change of Ethiopia (Pdf, English, 0.2mb)
Download the inaugural lecture by Dr. James Fletcher (English, Pdf, 0.1mb)
Download the inaugural lecture Presentation of Dr. Mannava Sivakumar (English, Pdf, 2mb)
Download the inaugural lecture of Dr. Saleemul Huq, Director, Center for Climate Change and Development, Bangladesh  (Pdf, English, 0.1mb)
Download the inaugural lecture of Wael Hmaidan, International Director, Climate Action Network (English, Pdf, 0.2mb)
Download closing statement of Titon Mitra (English, Pdf, (0.1mb)
12 August 2016 – World’s Most Vulnerable Nations to Boost Experience-Sharing on Climate Change Adaptation
Download the News Release (English, Pdf, 0.1)
17 June 2016 – European Electric Vehicle Rally in Geneva “Stamps” 1.5 Degrees at UN Gates
Download the Press Release (English, Pdf, 0.3mb)
15 June 2016 – Germany partners with UNDP to support vulnerable countries on climate change policy-making
Download the Press Release (English, Pdf, 0.4mb)
 27 May 2016 – Forum Chair, the Philippines, Initiates Energy Review: Philippines signs resolution to review country’s dependence on coal
Download the Press Release (English, Pdf, 0.2mb)
UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn
25 May 2016 – Vulnerable countries and youth kick-off for climate justice at UN negotiation
Download the Press Release (English, Pdf, 0.2mb)
16 May 2016 – Climate Vulnerable Forum Statement
Download the Chair’s Statement (English, Pdf, 0.1mb)
16 May 2016 – New Emissions Commitments Required to Realize Paris Agreement
Download the Press Release (English, Pdf, 0.1mb)
World Humanitarian Summit
24 May – New Global Partnership for Preparedness Launched: V20, UN and World Bank Collaboration to help countries get ready for future disasters
Download the Press Release (English, Pdf, 0.4mb) 
Download the Statement (English, Pdf, 0.1mb)
28 April – Major New Climate Threat: Rising Heat In The Workplace
Download the Press Release (Pdf, English, 0.2mb)
20 April – CVF: No more delays, walk the talk on 1.5 deg C goal in Paris Agreement
Download the Press Release (Pdf, English, 0.2mb)
20 April – Climate Action Imperative to 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda
Download the Press Release (Pdf, English, 0.2mb)
V20 High Level Meetings in Washington DC
Download the 2nd V20 Ministerial Communique (Pdf, English, 0.3mb)
Download the V20 Ministerial Decision (English, Pdf, 0.1mb)
Download the V20 Implementation Work Plan (English, Pdf, 0.4mb)
14 April – V20: Climate Fight Essential to Global Recovery
Download the Press Release (Pdf, English, 0.2mb)
8 April – 2nd V20 Ministerial Dialogue on Climate Action 
Download the Media Advisory (Pdf, English, 0.2mb)
25 February – Germany’s Environment Ministry Announces Support for UNDP Assistance to Nations Vulnerable to Climate Change
Download the Press Release (Pdf, English, 0.2mb)
23 February – Cyclone Winston Highlights Urgency of Climate Action: Philippines urges countries to ratify Paris Agreement
Download the Press Release (Pdf, English, 0.2mb)
UN Climate Change Conference in Paris (UNFCCC COP21)
12 December 2015 – Historic 1.5C Agreement Marks New Era of Climate Justice
Download the Press Release (Pdf, English, 0.2mb)
10 December 2015 – Holy See Joins Final Push in Paris for 1.5°C
Download the Press Release (Pdf, English, 0.1mb)
04 December 2015 – 1.5°C Red Line for Vulnerable Countries in Paris 
Download the Press Release (Pdf, English, 0.1mb)
02 December 2015 – Major Economies Declare Support for 1.5°C
Download the Press Release (Pdf, English, o.1mb)
30 November 2015 – Climate Vulnerable Forum High Level Meeting at COP21
Download the Press Release (Pdf, English, 0.1mb)
Download the Manila-Paris Declaration (Pdf, English, 0.2mb)
Download the 2016-2018 Roadmap and Guidance Note (Pdf, English, 0.2mb)
Download President Aquino’s Address (Pdf, English, 0.3mb)
Download Hon. Cesar V. Purisima’s Opening Remarks (Pdf, English, 0.1mb)
Watch the message from Senator Loren Legarda (Video)
Download the speech of SRSG Margareta Wahlstrom (Pdf, English, 0.1mb)
Download the speech of Minister Gonzalez Sanz, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Costa Rica (Pdf, English, 0.5mb)
Download the closing remarks of Hon. Emmanuel M. de Guzman, Vice Chairperson, Climate Change Commission (English, Pdf, 0.1mb)
Download the speech of S.E Annick Girardin, Secrétaire d’État au Développement et à la Francophonie (Pdf, French, 0.3mb)
11 November 2015 – Climate Vulnerable Forum Meeting in Manila, 9-11 November, Press Kit:
Download the CVF Manila Press Release (Pdf, English, 1.2mb)
Download the Press Release to Announce the Manila meeting (Pdf, English)
Download the Manila Communique (Pdf, English, 0.1mb)
Download the V20 Communique (Pdf, English)
Download the Speech of Haoliang Xu, Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and Director of the Regional Bureau for Asia and Pacific at the United Nations Development Programme (Pdf, English, 0.3mb)
Download the Speech of H.E. Thomas Ossowski, Embassy of the Federal Republic of the Germany (Pdf, English)
Keynote Address from Hon. Loren Legarda, Senator of the Republic of the Philippines (English, Pdf, 0.1mb)
Download the Speech of Ambassador Mathou of the Republic of France to the Philippines (Pdf, English)
Download the Briefer (Pdf, English, Page 1Page 2Page 3)
Download the Press Statement (Pdf, English)
Download the Media Advisory (Pdf, English)
Download the Meeting Program (Pdf, English)
Download the Recommendations of CVF Regional Activities (Pdf, English)
27 October 2015 – UNDP announces winners of climate change storytelling contest for aspiring journalists
Download the press release in English (pdf, 0.2mb)
23 October 2015 – Launch of the #1o5C Campaign to Strengthen the 2 Degrees Goal
Download the press release in English (pdf, 0.3mb)
08 October 2015 – Vulnerable Twenty (V20) Group Founded: Twenty Ministers of Finance agree on financial mechanisms to foster greater investment in climate resiliency
Download the (English) Press Release Pdf (0.2mb, pdf) Word (1.2mb, ms word)
Download the (Spanish) Press Release Pdf (0.2mb, pdf) Word (1.2mb, ms word)
Read the statement of Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator (External link, English)
Read the press statement attributable to Helen Clark (External link, English)
Read the statement from the Government of the Republic of Rwanda (External link, English)
29 May 2015 – Middle East & North Africa Countries Agree 14-points to Tackle Climate Change
Download the Press Release in English (pdf, 0.5mb)
22 May 2015 –10-point Climate Action Plan Adopted at Asia Forum.
Download the press release in English (pdf, 0.9mb)
01 May 2015 – 20 Nations Call to Strengthen 2 Degrees Climate Goal: Three independent reports highlight implications of 2 °C versus more ambitious objectives for human rights, the workplace, and migration and displacement.
Download the press release in English (pdf, 0.9mb)
The May 2015 CVF submission to the UNFCCC 2013-2015 Review and its expert reports:
Memo from Climate Change Commission of the Office of the President of Philippines to the UNFCCC (pdf, 0.5mb)
Human Rights by John Knox, UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights and the Environment (pdf, 0.3mb)
Labour by Tord Kjellstrom et al., Ruby Coast Research Centre (pdf, 1.9mb)
Migration/displacement by Walter Kaelin, Envoy of the Chairmanship of the Nansen Initiative (pdf, 0.2mb)


Photos on Flickr

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