Statement for Civil Society by Manuel Pulgar-Vidal at 2016 Forum

Climate Vulnerable Forum High Level Meeting at COP22

18 November 2016 (10:00 am to 12:00 pm) Marrakech, Kingdom of Morocco
Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, WWF Global Climate and Energy Practice Lead
We welcome the CVF vision for 1.5 degrees and 100% renewable energy. You represent the vulnerable people and their voices so we, as civil society, wish to share with you what we think is important to meet with our commitments.
First, it is important to reinforce the limit of 1.5, which is only going to be possible with early and urgent action and higher overall ambition on all fronts. We should accelerate the shift away from fossil fuels to renewable energy, with a massive shift in private investments to low-carbon climate resilient development, and 100% renewable energy future well before mid-century.
Second, COP22 in Marrakech needs to put us on a path to raising ambition of NDCs around the 2018 Facilitative dialogue. We will need an outcome here that empowers the current and incoming Presidencies to structure the facilitative dialogue in 2018 to catalyse higher ambition in NDCs.
Third, we need renewed and urgent effort in pre-2020 by all actors. It is essential to have a clear role for non-state actors and collaboration with and between states.
Fourth, in relation to finance – developed countries need to deliver more finance and especially for adaptation. The Roadmap to $100 billion is welcomed, but there are weaknesses in methodologies, there must be agreed rules for accounting, so ensure real financing is reported. Adaptation must be a priority for public funding – for mitigation much more financing can be leveraged by the private sector, but public funding will be necessary for mitigation also, when meeting basic energy needs of low income populations.
My last point is that the Adaptation Fund must be brought under the Paris Agreement and a solution must be found for financing of loss and damage for vulnerable countries.

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