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David meets Goliath: First ever V20 – G20 meeting highlights the mutual benefits of climate action

David meets Goliath: First ever V20 – G20 meeting highlights the mutual benefits of climate action Germanwatch By Gerrit Hansen, Germanwatch, April 2017 The climate vulnerable forum (CVF), now uniting 49 of the world’s countries most vulnerable to climate change, has again taken centre-stage in the fight against global warming and for an equitable international

Trump won’t deter us on climate change

Trump won’t deter us on climate change CNN By H.E. Gemedo Dalle, Senator Loren Legarda and H.E. Edgar Gutierrez Even the recent outcome of the US elections cannot stop those of us dedicated to battling climate change. No country has said it will walk away from global action. To the contrary, countries including China, members

It’s time to shift to disaster preparedness

Reacting after crises just won’t work anymore as we face more of them Thomson Reuters Foundation By Helen Clark, Cesar V. Purisima and Stephen O’Brien Leaders are gathering this week for the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul. The Summit presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to take meaningful actions to better address current humanitarian needs and reduce

The heat is on for workers

The heat is on for workers ESharp By Emmanuel de Guzman Sometimes the most dangerous things are the ones that creep up on you, rather than come all in one cataclysmic moment. So it is with heat stress on workers. A new report – released on International Workers’ Memorial Day has named heat stress as

Blog: Sign on the dotted line, but don’t forget the fine print is 1.5 degrees Celsius

Sign on the dotted line, but don’t forget the fine print is 1.5 degrees Celsius The Huffington Post By Emmanuel M. De Guzman Anyone watching coverage of the Paris Agreement last December could be forgiven for thinking that countries had defeated climate change itself, there and then, once and for all. As a record number of

Jamaica at the mercy of climate change

Derrick Douglas at work on his farm in McNie District, St. Ann. Photo credits: Yohan Lee. Derrick Douglas had never known it so bad. “For this particular period between 2014 and 2015, I think no one expected that sort of harsh drought that we experienced. We [farmers] were not aware that it would have been so

Des bassins de collecte des eaux pour sauver l’agriculture au Burkina Faso

Un bassin de pisciculture issu du projet de BCER. Photo credits: Jean-Jacques Conombo. Les effets néfastes du changement climatique se font de plus en plus sentir au Burkina Faso. Pour mieux s’adapter au phénomène, le gouvernement s’est engagé dans la recherche de solutions au profit des producteurs.   Selon le climatologue Jean-Marie Dipama, les premières manifestations

Sargassum and Climate Change in the Caribbean

The massive arrival of sargassum caused heavy economic losses and serious consequences for employment. Photo credits: Guillermo Fuentes. When the habitants of Puerto Morelos saw their white beaches turn brown, they felt they needed to take urgent action for their community. Given the limited effectiveness of the response, they organized themselves to clean public beaches, but

Climate Negotiators Discussing Warming and Migration Links

Displaced people fleeing Sindh streamed into Balochistan. Photo credits: Abdul Majeed Goraya/IRIN Stirred by the exodus of hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria, where global warming exacerbated a drought that fueled warfare, links between climate change and human displacement have finally been thrust into news reports and political debates. Those links are being discussed

Peruvian women install solar panels and light up their communities

Women from Candarave share their knowledge in solar panels installation. Photo credits: Alicia Condori. In 2011, Reina Isabel Humiri Mamani (41), who has two children and two grandchildren, realized that, sometimes, to make a right decision, you have to break stereotypes, overcome fears and invest in knowledge. Although her mother, brothers, and some people in her

Solar power fuels hope on neglected Lagos island

A woman smokes fish in her house on Sagbo Kodji island, Lagos, Nigeria. Photo credits: Augustina Armstrong Ogbonna For the first time in his 30 years on Sagbo Kodji Island, near Lagos,  has electricity at home, thanks to a solar power project that could transform the lives of the island’s 80,000 inhabitants. “The lack of power

Climate change and floods, the uninvited guests of Guyana

One of the houses built for Mahaica residents who relocated to Hope Estate. Credits: Samuel Maughn MRS Doodnauth is being interviewed about the fact that the effects of climate change are what led the family to abandon their home and farmlands in the Mahaica Creek and relocate to an area identified by the authorities. She was

Addressing climate change and poverty as one in Malawi

A community grain silo, no longer in use because of climate change affected crops. Credits: Watson Maingoto The government of Malawi has been struggling to end poverty since independence in 1964, banking its strategies on the proceeds from its agro based economy. Sadly, climate change entered the scene and dramatically disturbed the farming sector. Annie

Before National Cap-and-Trade Launch, China Faces Raft of Problems

It is hoped that a carbon finance scheme will encourage Township-Village Enterprises like this to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and use energy efficient technologies. Photo credit: UNDP As China prepares to launch a nationwide carbon cap-and-trade program to try to slow climate change, experts are warning of a long list of flaws in seven pilot

Traditional seeds keep hunger away in drought-prone Zimbabwe

A seed fair in Chiredzi. Photo credits: Locadia Mavhudzi. It was all smiles as Bertha Chibhememe of Sangwe communal area in Chiredzi, south eastern Zimbabwe, showed off her traditional seed varieties at a seed fair. A 45-year-old smallholder in Zimbabwe’s lowveld region, Chibhememe told how her “nzara yapera” maize variety is thriving in a changing

Seaweed cultivation ushers waves of change in the Sundarbans

Algaculture is Mondal’s empowering new source of revenues. Photo credit: Oishanee Ghosh. At sunset, Kanchan Mondal would set off every evening to find odd jobs, leaving her children at home. Like many women in her village in Sundarbans of Bengal, her husband left to find work in the city, forced away by the ever-encroaching seawater that has

Limiter les risques climatiques au Bénin

Les vents violents font partie des aléas climatiques auxquels le Benin fait face. Crédits photo : PNUD Bénin « Je me souviens, quand j’avais entre 10 et 13 ans, les greniers de mes parents étaient toujours pleins. A l’orée des nouvelles récoltes, mon père partageait une partie de ses réserves par solidarité villageoise… Mais au

Hunger heralds climate change’s arrival in Botswana

A man shows his dried out maize crops. Photo credit: Kagiso Onkatswitse. A perfect storm of lower rainfall and a growing population beckons for Botswana. But Baboki Kayawe finds climate change is already in the fields and paddocks. “As climate change ushers in more stress on the water sector, it is increasingly a concern that losses